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LP & COMPANY SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT AGENCY rookies are consistently drafted higher than projected and our free agents are paid top dollar. We have experts in every field.

Besides having the best staff in the industry, our agency has formed partnerships with elite companies in the entertainment, financial, legal and health fields. This facilitates access by the agency athlete, model, and entertainer to the best opportunities and advice possible.

LP & COMPANY SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT AGENCY is a global, full-service management group providing services to professional athletes, entertainers, and models. Our clients are top priority!

We are very selective during the client acquisition process. Therefore, our staff are able to provide each client with unmatched personal  attention, guidance and services. Our goal is to provide the highest quality representation and management to those who want to maximize their potential on and off the court, as well as the movie screen.

Our agency firmly believes there is a great opportunity for athletes, models and entertainers to transcend their popularity, visibility and resources into areas far greater than athletics and Hollywood endeavors.

We challenges each client to recognize their unique position and maximize all long-term possibilities.

The key to long-term successful career management begins with the establishment of intimate relationships between our staff and our clients.

LP & COMPANY SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT AGENCY is able to deliver unmatched personal attention with the business savvy and business relationships to deliver top of the line results.


Through a series of conversations with the client and the client’s family, we formulate individual strategy that is tailored to the unique talents, goals and visions of the player, model or entertainer. We build marketing plans that are very specific to each client. No one focuses more time, attention and energy on the individual than LP & Company Sports and Entertainment Agency.

Partnerships in the entertainment business allow our clients to pursue interests in the motion picture, television and music industries.

Health and Nutrition

Through our strategic alliances in the medical field, each client has his or her blood chemistry analyzed. A custom nutritional plan is then designed and implemented to ensure maximum performance on the court and movie screen.

Media Consultants

LP & Company Sports and Entertainment Agency’s team of experts prepare each athlete, model and entertainer for the pressure of the media, allowing compelling on camera performances that will enhance our client’s career.

Tax Specialist

Tax experts are available to counsel agency clients on international, national and local tax issues, thus avoiding unnecessary and difficult tax complications.